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Fast, Safe & Easy to Integrate

Door-System for CNC Machine Tending

The Safedoor SD100 is an innovative and safe solution to enable robotized tending of CNC machines

  • The SD100 Actuator allows fast and continuous operation of CNC machine doors. 
  • The intelligent Safedoor Controller monitors the door motion, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
  • The built-in safety features support safe human/machine collaboration without the need for safety fencing.

Safedoor SD100 kits are available for both single and double-door machines

Install the system, run a quick configuration cycle and the system is ready to operate


fits all doors up to 1 m

The Safedoor SD100 actuator has a stroke of 1m. If less is required, the controller automatically adjusts the stroke. Single doors up to 1 meter and double doors up to 2 meters can be handled.


buildt-in safety stop

By closely monitoring the actuator, the Safedoor Controller ensures the motion is smooth and undisrupted. The Safedoor Controller will stop the motion when detects unexpected resistance.


The SD100 kits contain everything you need to enable automatic operation of a CNC machine door. Also, the installation time is estimated to be around one to two hours.


"The SD100 is a flexible product, which allows us to have a single product for several different machines"

Jesper Storm, Head of Sales at Nordelektro A/S

Supported Software Integration

Integration with different collaborative robots is made effortless through our ready-to-use software packages. These packages come with pre-made software programs, created to effectively utilise the Safedoor system. You can learn more about it and download the programs by clicking on the images.