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Get Introduced to our Safedoor

New updated version available!

Key Features:

  • Easy installation, programming and
    risk assessment
  • Optimized for integration with
    collaborative robots
  • Fast and silent operation
  • Automatic door size adjustment
  • Force control, optimized for safe and
    reliable operation
  • Capable for handing both singleand
    double door CNC machines
  • Flexible mounting brackets for easy
    integration with different CNC machines
  • Included operator panel allowing manual
    operation of the door and CNC machine

Installation can be done in 1-2 hours

Can be ordered for single- or double door machines

Installation can be done quickly with everything included in the kit, adjustable brackets and smart configuration software. This allows the integrator to move on to other parts of the installation, getting production up and running faster.

Safe stop

The stopping force and maximum traversal speed can is automatically adjusted, based on the weight and resistance of the door. Speeds can be adjusted, if required by safety assessment.

No fingers pinched

Operator safety is crucial in all robotic applications, collaborative robotics is no

The weight and speed of a moving CNC door can pose a significant hazard, if the installation is not carefully planned. Safedoor’s built-in safety features and adjustable speed settings can help mitigate potential hazards.

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