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The Randers Tandhjulsfabrik Case

Randers Tandhjulsfabrik A/S

Gear Cutting


Company Size
40 employees

Installed Systems
2 – SD100

The Company

The Randers Tandhjulsfabrik is a Danish company with long-lasting expertise in gear cutting machines based in Randers, Denmark, since 1920. The company manufactures cylindrical gears, bevel gears, and gearboxes. Additionally, they offer services such as design review, reconditioning and assessment on the condition of used items. 

The Challenge

The company was looking for a long-run door solution for their production machines to make it possible to open and close the door of the machines more quickly and safely. Moreover, the company was also looking for a reliable system that could be easily installed and looked professional and subtle at the same time. Thus, the Randers Tandhjulsfabrik are expecting stable door openers that will last for a long time with no complications and high safety levels, so no one gets hurt during automatic operations when the robot is not in use.

The Solution and Result

The Randers Tandhjulsfabrik was the first company to install the Safedoor SD100. The systems were integrated by Nordelektro back in July of 2021. Since it was the first time installing the systems on the machines, Lau Jensen – the company’s CEO and Co-owner – says the installation process was a bit longer, but with the familiarisation of the systems, the process is easy, simple, and quick compared to other open systems with belts, for instance.

Prior, a robot would open and close the door of the machines, taking at least 30 seconds. However, as the company was seeking a more efficient alternative for the long term, they purchased two Safedoor SD100 systems. After the installation, the duration of opening and closing the door has been drastically reduced to around 2,5 seconds. That is, the Safedoor SD100 enables the procedure to be 12 times faster. In addition, the design of the systems is professional, it seems to be part of the machine itself and since the installation, they have been working without any errors and problems, according to Lau Jensen.  It’s a flexible product that ends up being a win-win for both the company and its customers as it enables the company to offer them better prices.

“I have been working with robot and robust systems for the last 15 years and this is actually what I would call a real product for that.”

 Lau Jensen, CEO & Co-owner of Randers Tandhjulsfabrik A/S

The Future

For future projects, Randers Tandhjulsfabrik plans to purchase more Safedoor SD100 systems. 

“When we have the next project, we will buy another system from you instead of going somewhere else because we like to have the same systems all over and it’s working without any problems, so we don’t see any reason in changing that.”

 Lau Jensen, CEO & Co-owner of Randers Tandhjulsfabrik A/S